How to Save Money on Haricuts

Cheap haircutsThe amount you save directly relates to how much you trust your housemate’s steadiness of hand. Jokes!

But seriously, haircuts are expensive, am I right, ladies? And don’t get me started on the extra cost of color. Numerous times have I been tempted to go Full Britney rather than shell out $100 for a mediocre trim.

Ah, crazy Brit Brit, we hardly knew ye…

The gang has a few hints on how to save money on haircuts without compromising too much on quality.

Tip 1: Log onto your local Gumtree and do a search for in-training stylists looking to practice their trade. These students are often fully qualified hairdressers and just trying to get more experience, so with the blessing of their salons, offer haircuts, blow waves, style, and sometimes, color, completely free! Keep in mind that you get what you pay for, and when the haircut is complimentary, you have to live with the results. Sometimes the student needs to practice certain styles and colors, so for the risk-takers out there, this could be the way to go to save money on haircuts. Plus, as a bonus, you can say you have modeling experience.

Tip 2: But say you don’t trust a trainee with your precious follicles. In this case, do an online search for salons that offer student discounts. As a hint, check out salons close to University campuses, as they often cater to the student population. Many locations offer 10 to 20 percent discounts with a student ID.

Tip 3: Most salons offer first-time discounts. If you put little value on loyalty, simply go to a new salon each time. On the other hand, if you become a salon regular, they often offer free fringe trims and similar services to loyal clients.

Tip 4: Refer your friends! I recently went a new salon and received a new client discount of $25. The stylist tipped me that if I recommended a friend, not only would he/she receive the same discount, but also as a thank-you, I could receive the same discount on my next haircut.

Tip 5: When all else fails, ponytails.

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